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PVC Conduit Pipe Extruder(Two Pipes)

PVC Conduit Pipe Extruder(Two Pipes)
PVC Conduit Pipe Extruder(Two Pipes)
Product Code : 03
Brand Name : HPMC
Product Description

PVC Conduit Pipe Extruder (Two Pipes), manufactured by Hindustan Plastic & Machine Corporation, attracts application in manufacturing processes of Electrical Pipes and Underground Ducts among others. Espoused by cutting-edge technology, this range of Pipe Extruder Plant enables the production of twin pipes in two different diameters simultaneously applying single mould. Besides that the plant renders support for attaining greater production capacity ranging from 125 Kg in an hour to 150 Kg in an hour, even if small-size diameter pipes are manufactured.

The plant is supported by Special Conical Twin Screw Extruder for enabling heavy filler loading, dual pipe vacuum tank for continuous manufacturing even if when throughput is from single pipe, individual vacuum & water pump for two separate vacuum chambers, double pipe die head for less manufacturing costs, exclusive design of flow channel for ensuring equal distribution of PVC in moulds and others. Other than those, general application for manufacturing pipes with the help of this plant encompasses drain-wastage-vent (DWV), sewers, water mains, water supply lines, irrigation, conduit as well as other industrial installations.

Applications :
Significant application in Electrical Pipe System as well as Underground Duct

Salient Features -

  • The plant manufactures twin pipe in two exclusive diameters meanwhile using one mould, therefore guarantee for greater production spanning from 125 Kg in an hour to 150 Kg in an hour even for small-size pipes
  • High-performance Conical Twin Screw Extruder can satisfactorily enable the bulk filler loading in comparison to identical twin screw extruder
  • Counter rotating conical twin screw machined on German-make CNC “WWW” Thread Milling Machines enhances performance by Simulation Software
  • Bi-metallic Screw & Barrel  makes three times more service lifespan than Nitrided Screw & Barrel.

Dual Pipe Vacuum Tank :
Dual Pipe Vacuum Tank facilitates the manufacturing of one pipe without stopping, even if the manufacturing of second pipe is withheld because of ant other reason, so decreasing wastage. It is fabricated from S.S. and embodies individual water and vacuum pumps for both vacuum chambers.
Dual Pipe Die Head -

  • Special Die Head for manufacturing small-size pipes ranging from 16mm to 50mm, made out of S.S. Spider.
  • It streamlines the manufacturing of dual pipe while using only one mould, hence minimizing the production costs.
  • It has a simple design of flow channel, allowing distinct treatment on the surface.
  • Innovative flow channel design allows the equal distribution of PVC in two moulds.
  • Melting temperature and pressure stands even.

Dual Pipe Haul-off -

  • Its unique fabrication allows the traction of two distinctive pipes at two different speeds, therefore optimizing the manufacturing of pipes of desired diameter.
  • Traction is driven through four geared motors to all belts and synchronized by means of AC frequency variable drive.
  • Gap between two tracks is bridged by Pneumatic Cylinders.

Dual Pipe Cutting Unit -

  • Its optimal design allows the cutting of two pipes in desired lengths and at different time.
  • Length of the pipe can be determined by the Limits Switch of Tipping Chute.
  • Its functions are “PLC controlled”.
  • Outfitted with excellent-efficiency blade for precise cut.

Dual Pipe Tipping Unit

  • It is integrated with two separate unloading tables in order that both the pipes are arranged at separate locations.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is the third highest manufactured plastic. PVC is basically applied in construction sites as it is inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to assemble. The production of PVC  is believed to be 40 million tons by 2016. The attributes of PVC are mainly classified depending on its rigidity and flexibility

Technical Specification:

Property Rigid PVC Flexible PVC
Density 1.3-1.45 1.1–1.35
Thermal conductivity 0.14-0.28" 0.14–0.17
Yield Strength 31-60 10-25
Young's Modulus 490,000
Flexural Strength 10,500
Compression Strength 9500
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5*100
Vicat B 65-100 Not recommended
Resistivity 1016 1012–1015
Surface resistivity 1013–1014 1011–1012


There are seven applications in PVC:
  • Drain-waste-vent (DWV)
  • Sewers, Water mains
  • Water service lines
  • Irrigation, Conduit
  • Various industrial installations