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High Speed HDPE Extruder Plant

High Speed HDPE Extruder Plant
High Speed HDPE Extruder Plant
Product Code : 05
Brand Name : HPMC
Product Description
Hindustan Plastic & Machine Corporation develops and supplies optimum-efficiency HDPE Extrusion Line that is designed in several models including HPMC 65GF, HPMC 75GF, HPMC 90GF. The machine has significant application in the extrusion of polyolefin plastics. The plasticized strength of the extrusion spans from 175 Kg in an hour to 600 Kg in an hour.

Spiral Type Die Head :
  • Spiral Type Die Head allows the uniform wall thickness of PE pipe while ensuring greater output.
  • It has capacity to manufacture pipes up to 630mm.
  • Minimal-pressure Diagonal Channel coupled with spiral mixing part optimizes the extrusion operation at quite less temperature and uniform plasticization.
Screw & Barrel:
  • Screw employs barrier form of mixing zone.
  • The barrel feeding zone is made out of sturdy alloy and kind of groove feed bush.
  • It makes sure of the greater output rates, uniform plasticizing and no material slippage
PLC Control System:
There is an optional feature for the Complete Line, controlled by PLC control system with big LCD screen that eases and smooths the operation.

Vacuum Tank:
  • Aptly designed Vacuum Tank assures the stability of diameter and roundness even if consistently engaged in manufacturing the pipe with massive wall thickness.
  • The water spray segment generates fast spray vortex to get better and uniform cooling effect.
  • Double/Single Station Coiler:
  • Double station coiler is fitted for diameter ranging up to 63mm.
  • Single station coiler is fixed for diameter ranging up to 110mm.
Applications of HDPE Pipe straddle irrigation system, farming, industrial sewage, sprinkling system, tube wells, slurry handling, drinking water supply, gas transmission, drainage, chemical industry, irrigation dripping, lift irrigation. Besides that, HDPE pipes are also utilized for handling of Industrial Chemicals, dewatering process in mines, dredging, pipeline. Besides that, HDPE pipes are also utilized for handling of Industrial Chemicals, dewatering process in mines, dredging, pipeline. This range of pipes is manufactured with the help of leading-edge technology of HDPE extrusion line with high speed along with heavy-duty cutting saws for optimum production operations. The benefits of these pipes straddle negligible branching that ensures sturdier intermolecular force and excellent tensile strength, relatively stronger and highly opaque finish, efficiency to deal with higher temperatures. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a kind of polyethylene thermoplastic composed of petroleum. It consumes 1.75 Kg petroleum (related to energy and base materials) to make one Kg of HDPE.

The mass density of High-density Polyethylene can differ from 0.93 to 0.97 g/cm³. Even if the density of HDPE is negligibly higher than that of Low-density polyethylene, HDPE allows few branching, rendering sturdier intermolecular force and optimum tensile strength than LDPE. The variation in strength surpasses the change in density, assuring HDPE of the higher strength. It is also more robust and more opaque and can resist somewhat higher temperature (120 °C/ 248 °F for shorter period, 110 °C /230 °F consistently). High-density polyethylene, other than Polypropylene, can withstand generally needed autoclaving conditions. The shortage of branching is assured by a correct choice of catalyst and reaction milieu. HDPE possesses the chemical elements like hydrogen and carbon. 

There are ten application in HDPE:

  • Irrigation/ Agriculture, Industrial Effluents

  • Sprinkler System, Tubewells
  • Slurry Transportation, Portable Water Supply
  • Gas Transmission, Sewerage & Drainage
  • Chemical Industries, Telephone Cable Duction
  • Irrigation Drip, Sprinkler and Lift Irrigation
  • Water transportation Potable water,drainage, sewage
  • Industrial Chemicals,sandstowing,dewatering in mines,dredge pipelines,gas distribution and low voltage telecom/power cables
Key Features:
  • Easy operation
  • Optimum performance
  • Durable
  • Low power consumption
  • Corrosion resistance
Technical Specification:
Main Specifications Conical Twin Screw Extruder
Machine Model Min.Pipe OD (mm) Max Pipe OD (mm) Max Plasticizing Capacity (Kg/Hr.) Max Ouput (Kg/hr) Main Drive (Kw) Barrel (KW) Die (KW) Screw Speed Variation (RPM)
HPMC 65G 20 200 175 160 45 15 8 30-100
HPMC 75G 63 250 350-400 350 110 22 15 30-120
HPMC 90G 315 630 550-600 550 175 35 22 30-120

Vaccum Sizing Tank Spray Bath Haul-Off Cutting Saw

Pump Drive(Kw) Length
Water Requl Rements circulating(Ltr/mm) Length
Water Requirement Circulating(Ltr/mm) Drive Range Drive Range1 Drive Range2 SAW DIA(mm)
HPMC 65G 2.25 6 450 6 450 4 2 0 500
HPMC 75G 2.25*2 6 600 6.0*2 1000 4 3 4 200
HPMC 90G 7.5*2 6 1200 6.0*3 1500 7.5 4 6 300